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SPA Mis-Fuel Passport 

If you are interested in booking the Mis-fuel course please email us at [email protected] with location, delegate numbers and preferred dates

SPA Vehicle Mis-fuellers course is specifically made for those employees and contractors who work within the vehicle mis-fuelling industry. Vehicle mis-fuelling is where a driver may put petrol into their diesel vehicle or vice versa. This course has been developed in association with the Roadside Fuel Recovery Standard working group (RFRS). Due to the specialised nature of this industry the new course will be 3 days in duration.

Day 1; SPA Core Day

Day 2: Mis-fuellers Course which includes;

  • Introduction & human behaviours
  • Flammable liquids & diesel exhaust fluid
  • Fire
  • Risk Assessment
  • Forecourt Documentation
  • Location hazards & safe areas of work (incl hazard zones)
  • ‘A day in the life’
  • Vehicle
  • Unattended vehicle parking

Day 3: Mis-fuellers course which includes;Vehicle Recovery Standards

  • Customer information
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Removal to safe location
  • Towing
  • Working at the roadside
  • Spillage
  • Near miss reporting

ADR / Dangerous Goods Awareness

  • Introduction to dangerous goods
  • Gases
  • Dangerous goods awareness
  • Packaging
  • PPE
  • Fire

New people coming into the industry will be required to undertake the 3 day course and those doing a refresher will need to complete days 2&3.

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