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N E Risk

SPA UK PIA Passport Update, Improve & Renew (Refresher)

The course has been designed to follow “A Safe Day In Your Life in the Petrol Industry” detailing a typical contractors working day including;

• Start of the day preparation

• Drive, Arrive, Take 5, Stay Alive

• Booking in

• Communication (two way)

• Task and site hazards

• Doing the job safely

• Environment and waste

• Completing the correct paperwork

• Task execution (group exercise)

• Completion and hand back

Learning outcomes

Also included is a new “360 Hazard Spotting” DVD which is used to assess and develop each delegates ability to spot hazards on a live forecourt.

Benefits of Participation 

                 • Ensures all contractors/employees meet specific industry safety standards

                 • Renewal after 3 years reduces skill fade and ensures continual development

                 • Tamper-proof holocote passport

                 • Demonstrates contractor competence and commitment to safety to Clients

                 • Allows instant verification of details

                 • Can be used to form part of company and site induction processes

                 • Ensures standard bench-marking and consistency of training between contractors

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